Martin Thomas, AM FTSE- Chairperson

Martin “The Main Man” Thomas has chaired more meetings than most of us have had hot breakfasts. He’s a former vice-president of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE), founding Chairman of the ATSE Energy Forum and recipient of Engineers Australia’sPeter Nicol Russell Memorial Medal in 2008. It is safest to stop there because this Cambridge scholar and everyday gentleman has an energy-related CV to break hearts. Martin steers the good ship Bright New World with the drive to leave the world a better place that is proudly our hallmark. That’s why we wanted him and damn if we didn’t get him. 

Stephanie Bolt

Stephanie Bolt is the Environment Manager of Adelaide Airport Limited which is, let’s face it, the best airport in the world. With 9 years now at AAL, we think that’s mostly because of Steph. She brings an agricultural science background and nearly twenty years’ experience in environmental management. She’s a passionate environmentalist who shares Bright New World’s conviction that a fight for the environment has to be a fight against poverty right around the world. 

Corey J.A. Bradshaw

We didn’t want just any scientist… we wanted one of the most highly rated, highly cited conservation scientists on the planet. Corey Bradshaw has dedicated his life and his amazing talents to furthering our knowledge and practice of conservation. The man virtually bleeds green. In any given week he may be getting to grips with megafauna threats in South Africa, tending to experimental carbon plantings in South Australia, modelling carbon flux in the boreal forest, researching human population dynamics from his desk in Adelaide or talking about increasing the effectiveness of tropical protected areas. So the fact that he’s choosing to join and steward Bright New World … well, let’s just say we’re proud to have him.