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Dayne Eckermann - General Manager

Dayne Eckermann is the man with the plan for Bright New World. He has come from a background of policy and governance spending the past several years working at an energy and mining member organisation. We love him for his experience in organisational management and deep policy and political nous.

Dayne was one of the original conceptual architects of Bright New World and one of the very first members. A recent supporter of the new Ecomodernism movement, he wants a 21st century that values human development and environmental protection. He is a humanist and pragmatist.  He’s no Pollyanna, he’s a ‘possibilist’  - believing humanity to be ingenious enough to overcome challenges that comes its way in a practical manner using all the technological tools available to it.

In other words, he’s the person guy to be our GM.


Ben Heard, Ph.D - Founder

Ben Heard is recognised as a leading voice for the use of nuclear technologies to address our most pressing global challenges.

It certainly didn’t start that way.

Back in the day he was a member of environmental NGOs and shared their basic objection to nuclear technologies. After completing a Masters in Sustainability he started working in major projects in climate change. But there was just no solution on offer to match the scale of the problems at hand. So instead of continuing his objection to nuclear technology he shut his damn mouth about it for a couple of years and did some learning. That was the start of pathway of writing, presenting, advocating and ever more learning about how we can reinvent the future using all our knowledge and ingenuity. 

Ben was awarded his doctorate from the University of Adelaide in 2018, where he examined clean energy supply with a focus on nuclear technologies. He has presented his research findings at conferences around Australia and the world. He founded Bright New World in 2016 to provide a new organisation for people who want pragmatic, compassionate, and science-based environmentalism, in particular that values the role of nuclear technologies. 

Ben lives in Adelaide, South Australia where he works in the private sector on energy and asset performance projects and is a member of the board of Bright New World.


oscar archer, Ph.D - foundation member and senior advisor

Osk Archer is a PhD. qualified process chemist, energy efficiency professional and enthusiastic ecomodernist based in Adelaide, South Australia. Dr Archer has earned global respect and recognition for his contribution to the environmental conversation though his excellent (and ongoing) blog 'The Actinide Age'. He provides research, analysis and public speaking support to Bright New World, when he is not busy with the Australian Insulation Standards Committee. You can follow Osk on Twitter as @OskaArcher and read his work at The Actinide Age