You want to make the world a brighter place? Then you better be able to see in your mind’s eye, know it in your gut and have a plan for it in your head.

Hi. We are Bright New World and we are here to win the future back.

We are the environmentalists for the 21st century. What does that mean?

It means we don’t pick and choose our science and we don’t turn away from reality. Climate change, growing populations, shrinking wild spaces…check, check, check. We stare it in the face and refuse to blink.

We mobilise to support practical, achievable solutions that will right this beautiful spaceship of ours.

Actions and solutions that start now and will be felt for generations. We know what we need to do and we will fight to get it done.

In a world that will soon hold 10 billion humans, each as worthy as the last, the key to our great future is energy.

Energy… plentiful, clean and affordable.

When we pair it with human ingenuity, it is the great universal substitute that takes the pressure off our natural world.

We can get that energy from fission. Nuclear power. Today’s and tomorrow’s technology. With that plentiful clean energy we can conserve, protect and restore our nature while bringing lives of dignity and opportunity to people around the world. We are an all-hands- on-deck kind of place when it comes to renewables and nuclear working together because these challenges are big, big, big. That’s why we need the big pay offs, the big substitutes, the big answers... so we’re a fission-friendly operation, first and foremost.

We are Bright New World. We see it, we feel it, we know it… and we do it.