stable climate.
rich nature.
prosperous humanity.


It’s a balancing act.

We need to acknowledge our challenges but we must focus on our solutions. We need to be as aware of what we are gaining as what we are losing so we know what to fight for, not just what to fight against. We have to stop going negative all day long.

As far as we know, on average there has never been a better time to be born than now.

We are living longer.

We have eliminated horrible diseases and we are still winning those fights. We are growing more food on less land. Violence is decreasing. The world is more literate and more educated.

A smaller share of humanity lives in poverty and more people are living lives of independence and opportunity.


we are beginning to see a return of nature


Many of these achievements have come at a cost to our natural world. But now we are beginning to see a return of nature, the expansion of forests and the return of wild creatures in places they have not been seen in decades.

But not everywhere. We continue to lose wild nature as we encroach on other species and their habitat.

So our challenge is to bring all of humanity on the development journey while stabilizing our climate and restoring our natural world.

It’s going to be a rocky ride and we are going to have some losses along the way, but we can do this.

And the critical ingredient is plentiful, clean energy.


When we apply energy to development, fertility rates plummet, helping us stabilize the human population and elevate women into lives of greater choice and opportunity.


when we apply energy, we liberate human lives

child face.jpg

When we apply energy we can liberate human lives and labor, meaning people aren’t just surviving, they are thriving.

When we apply energy we can be more efficient with other resources. With energy, we can recycle, demanding less of virgin nature to provide for our needs.

With energy and agriculture we get more food from less land, liberating spaces to remain as nature or return to nature.

With energy we build dense settlements, clean our water and manage our waste.

With energy we can liberate our oceans as we grow our own food.

We know how to do these things but we rely almost entirely on plentiful and reliable fossil fuels. 

The energy that makes human lives so much better, now threatens us by altering our precious, irreplaceable climate.


there is an answer.
a proven energy source.

energy source banner.jpg

There is an answer. There is a proven energy source that can meet our needs without changing the climate.

When we use it we save millions of lives because it doesn’t pollute the air.

It uses less land and less materials.

It works in every climate and every location.

It’s nuclear energy that breaks the paradox.

We can unify human development with the protection and restoration of wild nature.

The potential of nuclear energy, especially new generations of super-efficient plants is so great, that we can go large on how we want the world to be.

We can use energy to make clean synthetic fuels, to recycle more materials, to capture and sequester greenhouse gases, allowing the natural world to heal every step of the way.

We can use energy to clean and rehabilitate damaged land. We can use new reactors to destroy the waste from older reactors, and gift ourselves clean reliable energy in the process. Nuclear energy provides the path of disarmament, permanently destroying the weapons of war.




We need to see it.

we need to feel it.

we need to know it and we need to go for it.

But it takes a new type of environmental organisation to fight for it.

It takes an organisation that treats humanity as a cause worth fighting for, not an enemy to fight against.

An organisation that faces up to our challenges but acknowledges and celebrates our achievements. 

An organisation that embraces our knowledge, our potential and the tools at our disposal.

It takes an organisation like Bright New World.

We are here to fight for something better. We plan to make it happen and we are going to love every minute of it.