Brighter future fund

The Brighter Future Fund has applied for deductible gift recipient status will report in accordance with all legal obligations with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. The fund Brighter Future Fund is operated by a management committee. The management committee operates separately to the Bright New World executive. In addition to legal reporting obligations, the fund applies the following internal policy to guide disclosure of income:

Individual donations & membership

Whether $5 or $500,000, individuals can donate as much as they want. We respect their privacy, first and foremost. Public declarations of support are a matter for the individual.

To become a monthly supporter please visit our Supporter page. For larger sums, please contact the General Manager (details at bottom of page).

Corporate membership

This is forbidden by the constitution and will stay that way. We are an NGO that represents the people. Only natural persons or other registered charity/not-for-profit can become members. The membership list is available to members on request.

Philanthropic funds

Can donate any amount without disclosure, notwithstanding any future changes in legal reporting obligations.

Corporate donations

Corporate entities can offer any sum of money and should be aware of this internal policy:

o   Annual donations up to a threshold of AU$25,000 per financial year will be accepted and we will respect the company’s right to privacy if desired.

o   Annual donations above the threshold will be considered by the fund management committee on a case-by-case basis. If the fund management committee decides to accept the donation, this will be disclosed on our web-site within 30 days of receipt of funds.

How to give


Any donations below the $25,000 annual threshold can be mailed to:

Bright New World Limited

C/O Lucent Advisory

Level 3, 170 Greenhill Rd

Adelaide SA 5063


Any donations above the $25,000 threshold must be directed via:

Mr Sean Edwards

Chair, Brighter Future Fund management Committee

C/O Bright New World & Lucent Advisory

Level 3, 170 Greenhill Rd

Parkside SA 5063


Please contact the General Manager if you have any questions.

Mr Dayne Eckermann

E –