The message and the journey

Last week Ben outlined his journey from opponent to proponent in the context of mistaking the message for the messenger. It’s something we’ve all done at one time, falling into that tribal trap and forgetting to look at what is said rather than who is saying it. This week Dayne Eckermann will look at the message of nuclear and the journey one takes from opponent to proponent.

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The Message and the Messenger

Nearly a decade after I first made an appeal for something higher in our energy conversation, Australia’s anti-nuclear forces are making an appeal in the opposite direction, seeking to frame what should be a matter of evidence as a culture war.

That’s because it’s just about the only fight they still believe they can win.

We can end that before it begins if we keep putting in the work to separate the message from the messenger.

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Ben Heard Comment
Fear has been our biggest mistake.

We desperately need to rein in the primacy of radiological protection. We must reinstate the right to informed choices, lest we ‘protect’ more people to premature death or social dislocation. The people of Fukushima should have been given the support to safely implement informed choices to return home much, much sooner. 

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Ben Heard Comments
Exploring the AEMO ISP

Back in July, the Australian Energy Market Operator released the results of some rather intensive modelling for the National Electricity Market: the ISP. With the benefit of a little time to consider what it does and doesn't cover, an examination of some of the key components is in order.

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Oscar Archer Comment