Bright New World on Bright New World: What our supporters say!

Why do people support Bright New World? We asked them and here is what they said!

I joined to support discussion and action on promoting nuclear technology’s role in a solution to reduce the worst effects of climate change for Australia, and the world.
— David | Adelaide, Australia
Bright New World is focused on the outcome, a low carbon outcome...if we believe GHGs are the problem, we should focus on combating GHG production.
— Brendan | Adelaide, Australia
There is an urgent need to secure a sustainable future for this planet and humanity…we have an opportunity to act, to deploy globally all forms of new technology to transition rapidly to carbon free energy… I want to contribute , it is our responsibility, together!
— Brian | Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
We need, more urgently than ever, zero emissions energy that is reliable, affordable, available around-the-clock and on demand to ensure everyone has, at a minimum, an acceptable standard of living.
— Todd | Canada
We need many voices from across the world to advocate for a better energy future. BNW will expand that collection of voices and complement the emerging movements here in the US.
— Alan | Chicago
First I realised that if I want to see change in the world, I need to do it myself. Since then I have realised that if I really want to see significant change, then it is us, not me, who needs to make it happen.
— Rauli | Finland
My father, uncle and grandfathers all worked in the Australian coal industry. Today we stand ready to take the next big step to secure Australia’s and the world’s future, economically and environmentally. Nuclear fission is the technology that will allow us to do this.
— James, Sydney via the Hunter Valley (home of the world's largest coal export terminal)
I see clean, abundant, affordable energy as the most desperately needed solution to the world’s present problems — and the most vital tool for creating the future we all dare hope for.
— Terry | Brisbane
I joined BNW to join a campaign that is representative of my beliefs when it comes to creating a more sustainable future.
— Dylan | Melbourne
By promoting a practical energy policy, Bright New World is working on exactly the right issues. There are very few environmental NGOs that support decarbonization policies that “add up”. This is one. Please join and help us change the world.
— Steve and Dorothy | USA
We simply cannot achieve what is needed to safeguard our climate by following the current pathways. Australia needs to consider all options. BNW, it seems to me, is aiming to do precisely that.
— John | Australia
I support Bright New World because I’m convinced that our only chance of avoiding dangerous climate change is by using every tool in the box, especially those already proven to work at the required scale.
— Mark | Hobart (via South Australia and Northern Territory)
I’ve joined this community because I see nuclear energy being the world’s best clean energy option for the future. I want my children and their children to look back and see that I materially helped in the fight to clean up our energy in a way that also ensured their continued prosperity. Supporting nuclear is quite simply the right thing to do.
— Matt | Brisbane
There appears to be an enormous body of evidence for global warming…The last 10 years of private research have not revealed to me any technology except nuclear (and massive hydro) that could do the heavy lifting needed to reduce emissions from electricity generation.
— Robert | Adelaide, South Australia
I regard myself as an environmentalist, who cares about the state of the planet for the sake of our children. I see the challenges of climate change and habitat destruction, the sincere idealism and also tragic misguidedness of so many efforts, and think that we’re nuts not to be using all the tools in the box to save the world!
— Simon | UK
I joined, because I’m taking a stand against society needlessly prolonging global warming by a lack of understanding new technologies.
— Tom | Adelaide
The future of our civilisation depends on enthusiastic and pragmatic use of the best tools science and technology can provide us. When environmentalists become just another hollow rhetoric based interest group its clear it is time for a new approach.
— Joe | Coromandel Valley, South Australia
Bright New World has what it takes to help bring about truly clean and affordable solutions, as opposed to the populist rhetoric and appalling delusion that is wrecking our common future today.
— Joris | Europe
I aligned myself with “Bright New World” as we need a voice for reasoned and rational debate based on fact, not emotion.
— Peter | Brisbane
I joined Bright New World because I want to contribute to reinvigorating the energy discussion in Australia. It is an opportunity to voice an alternative future based on facts rather than ideology with regards to decarbonising our electricity and one that includes nuclear power.
— Tristan | Brisbane, Queensland


Ben Heard