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Bright New World was pleased to write the positive case for nuclear development in Australia in Energy Magazine, with the Climate Council presenting the negative case. In this article we made several claims on the case for nuclear power, and this blog post will provide the references for these. Energy Magazine has been gracious to allow us to publish the for and against articles in this blog. Enjoy!

Nuclear energy opportunity cost

“The Role of Firm Low-Carbon Electricity Resources in Deep Decarbonization of Power Generation” - N.A. Sepulveda, J.D. Jenkins, F.J. de Sisternes & R.K. Lester

“Identifying the role of nuclear power in Australia’s energy transition” - Dr. B. Heard

Ramping nuclear

“Can nuclear power and renewables be friends?” - NuScale, D.T. Ingersoll et al.

“Nuclear flexibility” - NECG

“Technical and economic aspects of load following with nuclear power plants” - OECD-NEA

“Walk away safe“

Passive safety design in modern nuclear power

Integral Fast Reactor’s meltdown proof test [skip to 1:38 for the test]

Carbon emissions and materials use



Water use

Ed - We previously used a log scale for the chart below, but based on reader feedback we have presented it in linear scale to show the difference between consumption and withdrawals. The consumption and withdrawal figures for geothermal and concentrating solar thermal are the same.

NB - Withdrawal figures refer to water taken from a source, which can be wholly returned to the water source. Consumption refers to water used by that energy source.

BNW water use linear scale.png

Deployment of nuclear power globally

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