Bright New Worlds submission to the Australian nuclear inquiry

Australia is in the midst of a nuclear exploration phase with three separate inquiries on the go. There are the New South Wales, Victorian (TBD), and Commonwealth inquiries. Today is the submission deadline date for the Commonwealth inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear power in Australia. The following are the terms of reference for the committee.

The Committee specifically inquire into and report on the circumstances and prerequisites necessary for any future government’s consideration of nuclear energy generation including small modular reactor technologies in Australia, including:

a. waste management, transport and storage,

b. health and safety,

c. environmental impacts,

d. energy affordability and reliability,

e. economic feasibility,

f. community engagement,

g. workforce capability,

h. security implications,

i. national consensus, and

j. any other relevant matter.

The inquiry will have regard to previous inquiries into the nuclear fuel cycle including the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission 2016 commissioned by the Labor Government in South Australia and the 2006 Switkowski nuclear energy review.

Bright New World has put in a detailed submission to the inquiry that can be found here once the committee has authorised its release.

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