Millions of lives in the balance...from a decision about financing

Bright New World has made submission to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in relation to their draft sustainable energy strategy.

With tens of billions of dollars of investment at stake, the draft strategy excluded nuclear power from the possibility of financing...while opening the door for financing of coal and oil fired electricity generation.

The justification? None. Absolutely none.

In the summary of first round consultation comments, from around 40 stakeholders,, the status of nuclear was this:

2. Nuclear Power • Current approach of no support widely endorsed with a few exceptions • Clause on revisiting in the future questioned in some comments

That's it. With that, millions of lives hang in the balance. The most recent analysis suggests the already planned additions to coal generation in Asia, on top of the existing sector, will cause an additional 70,000 premature deaths every single year by 2030, on top of what is already the greatest public health crisis in the world. Along with those deaths will come millions of tons of greenhouse pollution. The most immediate and comprehensive substitute is new nuclear technology...and that may be excluded from financing.


No one thinks much about these processes... but this one of the battlefields where the climate change fight is really won or lost. Such dire consequences should be of the utmost concern to the global ENGO sector. It isn't. Our sector seems to have hit some kind of moral and intellectual bankruptcy, whereby we either ignore these processes altogether or argue against the technologies that save lives and preserve the environment.

Not Bright New World. We are there with the science, the evidence and the ethical grounding, fighting for the just outcome to prevail. Read our submission here.

We need your support. If this is what you want, if this is what you value, if this is what you believe in... become a supporter of Bright New World today.

Ben Heard