Global cooperation for used nuclear fuel

The big “problem” with nuclear energy should be no problem at all. The safe storage, management, recycling and eventual disposal of used nuclear fuel is well-understood. What is missing is a multi-national solution that any nation can reliably call upon. We want all nations to be able to access the enormous benefits of nuclear energy, confident that an approved solution is available, at a fair price, for the material they will responsibly capture.

Traditional environmental groups fight this progress. They like the problem. Solving this problem is not in their interest.

Bright New World is focusing on the potential for Australia to provide this essential service, on the back of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission and our own ground breaking research into the economics of fuel recycling. It’s one of the big ones: a tough and nuanced fight with a potentially epic payoff: tilting global investment in energy away from fossil fuels and toward nuclear fission, particularly in fast-growing developing nations. That means ongoing human development with cleaner air, less greenhouse gas emissions and greater fuel security. Are you in?


Global energy lending reform

Financing of nuclear plants will not be considered by the Bank.
— AIIB Energy Sector Strategy: Sustainable Energy for Asia Discussion Draft for Consultation
The current draft  policy of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will finance coal fired power generation...but excludes nuclear power generation.

The current draft  policy of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will finance coal fired power generation...but excludes nuclear power generation.

Global lending institutions apply discriminatory policies against developing nuclear energy sectors. They will finance options of greater cost, lesser benefit and lesser reliability... or reliable and dirty fossil fuels. For the sake of human welfare and climate stability, this must change. Fortunately, nuclear energy is both squeaky-clean and super-reliable. Winner! But absent justice in financing, we will struggle to achieve the orders for new build required to bring the costs down sharply. Bright New World will be campaigning on these issues to bring economic fairness and justice to global energy lending and speed the clean energy transition. Sound important?


Clean energy policy for Australia

Australia is a rich nation with…a bit of a coal problem, to put it mildly. Efforts to clean the energy supply have been focused on blunt and discriminatory renewable energy targets. That rewarded lowest marginal cost clean energy without considering impacts on reliability, impacts on overall wholesale prices or, you know, the practical need to actually get rid of a 30,000 MW baseload coal sector.

A non-discriminatory clean energy policy that introduces nuclear energy as a supply option is essential for Australia to embark on a realistic transition to a reliable clean energy sector that deploys the best of all options. We will be focusing on this issue in the lead up to the next Australian Federal election. Can you help?